Sunday, November 30, 2008

Classic Car Insurance: Get Best Deals In Car Insurance

Getting Classic car insurance will be economical and beneficial for you. You need to have auto insurance to drive your car on the roads. Getting the best insurance rates and best coverage should be your aim.

Redundancy Accident Insurance

Has this happened to you? You're working in a job you enjoy, and then all of a sudden, there's a downsizing or downturn in business and you are redundant.

Corporate governance as political insurance: firm-level ...

What do we know about the politics of corporate governance in emerging markets? Although the state-level institutions have been amply explored, firm-level dynamics remain under-theorized.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bush Proudly Vetos Children’s Health Insurance

In a stunning about face from reality, Bizzaro Bush proudly vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have covered previously uninsured children (pictured above).

Car Value, Auto Insurance and your Counter Measures

Part III – Getting the Right Value out of an Accident Insurance.

Phenomenon? - More like Insurance fraud!

You have maybe seen the new Toyota commercials with their Phenomenon year end sales event.

Cutting Car Insurance Premiums

If you own a car or are in the process of buying, insurance is the one thing you simply cannot do without. Save precious pounds by taking note of these tips and strategies.